Why Representation Matters: The Significance Of Kamala Harris Winning

Why Representation Matters: The Significance Of Kamala Harris Winning

The recent presidential election has been historic in every way possible. Not only did it last a few days, but the outcome of Kamala Harris becoming Vice President-elect proved to be a big win for women of all ages throughout the country. Now, little girls can finally see someone like them when learning about American vice presidents. They can see that they can achieve this too.

As a woman, I personally felt like I wanted to scream in elation when I heard the news. This is such a monumental win for Harris and so many people as it represents a social change and a nation beginning to shift. Harris will become the first woman Vice President in U.S. history. She will also be the first Vice President of Black and Asian descent, which is big for women of color, who are often overshadowed by their white counterparts. As an Asian, I know this is a big deal for me since I often feel like my race is invisible. 

Photo by Adam Schultz / Biden for President

I would always wonder when I would see a woman as president or vice president. Although women are just as capable as men and have to work extra hard to survive in politics, it felt like it would never happen. Now it feels like we’re actually making progress. Women will still be doubted in politics and in other fields because patriarchy is still present, but this is such a great win for women. 

It’s not only a good thing for us, but also men, who could possibly see women as inferior. This belief is obviously wrong, but society can teach people a different thing. Thankfully, it seems like society is changing. It’s a slow change, but it’s still a change. Harris will probably have to deal with a lot of backlash as a woman vice president, but I know she will prevail.

Writer: Melinn Lanier