Saweetie’s Pretty Summer Playlist Is Pretty Much Amazing

Saweetie’s Pretty Summer Playlist Is Pretty Much Amazing

Fresh off the fun, fast-paced single “Slow Clap” alongside Gwen Stefani, Saweetie set the mood for the summertime by releasing her new EP Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1.

The seven-track EP from the Californian rapper features rising artists also from her state like Sacramento native Kendra Jae and artist BbyAfricka from Inglewood.

This is Saweetie’s third released EP. In 2018 is where we first got a glimpse of our favorite icy girl when she dropped High Maintenance. Its lead single “Icy Girl” would go double platinum in the U.S. A year later, she would release Icy and deliver probably one of the catchiest songs ever made with “My Type” which is now 2x multi-platinum.

One thing about Saweetie, she will always give you a musical moment and that’s why there’s no other artist better to start the (socially distant) summer party other than Saweetie. Her music is the embodiment of a good time—with the fun and vibrancy to match. You know, something for the summertime, something the girls can get ready and party to. 

There’s a running gag on social media that Saweetie makes music solely for pretty people, so if you don’t like it, well…

She also dropped a video for the lead single, “Risky” which artist Drakeo The Ruler hopped on. The song is already a favorite among fans, and honestly, how could it not be with lyrics like this: 

Saweetie, how it feel doing numbers? I put rims on a hot pink Honda/ Lipgloss on, it’s a pretty bitch summer, take it how you wanna, I put it on my mama/ I heard around town, I’m the baddest ever, bitches love sayin’ how they fake did it better/ Heard them hoes linked up, they be mad together, I could do the splits with the 100 spread do better/

How do you expect some not to stan? And with a yearbook superlative-themed cover art, Saweetie is not only most likely to “get guap and shine on a heaux” but also give you songs that put your confidence on 110%.

Pretty Summer Playlist is an EP on another level for Saweetie. From certified club tracks like the EP opener to surefire TikTok staple “Talkin’ Bout,” Saweetie showcases that she is an artist to watch. Every track brings something different but carries on with her consistent theme of living your best life on all accords which probably couldn’t have come at a fitting time for us and maybe an even better moment for Saweetie.

Prior to her recent collab with Gwen Stefani, Saweetie created one of the best friendship anthems of all time with artist Doja Cat to create “Best Friend.” The duo also launched a Tesla giveaway to honor the line from the track, “Is that my bestie in a tessie?” The track got even better when UK rapper Stefflon Don appeared on the remix in March.

Whatever Saweetie song you want to use as a reference, you can never deny that the charisma and charm is there. Her heavy anticipated debut album Pretty B*tch Music drops this summer. In an interview with gal-dem, Saweetie described her upcoming album as being about “exponential growth and producing artistry.” While we wait for the next steps on how to have a great summer, listen to Pretty Summer Playlist, another amazing body of work by America’s Saweet-heart.

Written: Deidre Redhead