Nine Fun Summer Trends To Wear (Hopefully) After The Pandemic

Nine Fun Summer Trends To Wear (Hopefully) After The Pandemic

As summer approaches and vaccinations continue to roll out, hopefully we’ll finally be able to show off our evolved summer styles. This is not the time to be subtle about your clothes and overall aesthetic — it’s time to draw attention to yourself. Reel in the eyes of the crowd with an outfit so unique that year-ago-you wouldn’t even recognize it.

After a year in isolation and only sharing outfits with the world through Instagram and Snapchat, we all deserve to have some fun pieces that will partially make up for not being able to show off our ‘fits for a year.

I know my style has changed exceptionally since last March, and I know I’m not alone in that. No one wants to wear their clothes from a year ago that fit a past style, even if they didn’t have a notable quarantine style change. It’s time to freshen up our wardrobes. 

Our Roaring 20’s are on the verge of happening; just think about the difference from the early 1900s to the 1920s. Flappers, shorter hemlines, shorter haircuts, more makeup all conceived after a pandemic. We already have all of those styles and aspects, so how can we show off our style changes to the history books? 

The trends showcased on the runways for spring/summer 2021 definitely show a lot more skin than your normal work from home garments, and they’re feminine and comfortable in the best ways. If you don’t know what to wear this summer or just want a bit more inspiration, here are some of the trends featured on the runway that’ll start our own roaring 2020’s.

Bra Tops


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Not only will this trend help you out when you’re in the blistering heat, but you’ll look stylish no matter what you wear with it. It’s a trend that was popularized by pop stars in the 1990s like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, and now it’ll be one of the most important pieces in streetwear for the summer.

If you’re not comfortable wearing a classic bra style for a whole top, try a bralette. It’ll look fashionable, on-trend and can be decorated with more patterns or embellishments with a bigger band on the bottom. It’ll just have a bit more coverage. 

Strappy Details


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This trend allows for the perfect built-in accessory.

What started out as a swimwear trend has transitioned into everyday wear for the summer months. Straps can decorate your tops, pants, and dresses, but one of my favorite looks from this trend comes from the early 2000s. A reemergence of Gillian Anderson’s iconic Eduardo Lucero navy blue dress is coming back with an exposed thong style.

These straps are part of the garments themselves and will be showing up in pants and dresses with low, exposing backs. The dress most recently inspired Hailey Bieber’s 2019 Met Gala look, but now it’ll start trickling into our closets. A younger me would’ve thought this look was trashy, but an older me with a more evolved fashion palette thinks it could be THE look of the summer. I’m absolutely in love with this raunchy trend, but it’s easy to cover up a bit more with it if that’s what you desire. 

Mini Skirts 


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Another trend we’re borrowing from the past is mini skirts. It’s a look invented by British designer Mary Quant in the 1960s so it’s a great indicator of the cycles of fashion trends. Mini skirts keep your legs cool and your outfit cooler. They’re great in the summertime because they’re like more fun shorts.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the goal of the trends this summer is to show more skin and parts of our bodies that haven’t seen the sunlight in over a year. Mini skirts look great with any top because they come in so many different styles. If it’s a cool summer day, pair a mini skirt with a mesh long-sleeved top and if it’s completely sweltering, wear it with a bra top. 

Sheer Dresses


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Sheer dresses aren’t just for swimsuit cover-ups anymore. They’re decorated with patterns and exposing with raised seams to create panels in the dresses to add more excitement to the pieces. These have been popping up for a while in LA and other cities where it’s always summer, but as the actual summer months approach, we can expect many other people to adopt the trend.

My favorite look for inspiration of this trend is Megan Thee Stallion’s Brookelyn Styles brown and tan sheer dress. Because of the pattern, the dress almost didn’t appear to be see-through, but it didn’t matter much since Megan chose not to wear much underneath it. You could easily play around with this trend by getting a loose, sheer or mesh dress and wearing a full outfit underneath it. The dress will serve as a cute outer top to add some fun to an outfit. 

Halter Tops


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Halter tops can be the perfect combination of bra tops and regular tops. Wear them in a cropped style or with a longer front to show off an open back — either way, they’ll be sexy and summery.

One of my favorite pieces, when I was younger, was a lightweight halter top that I wore until it was too thin to do so; it’s safe to say I’m excited about this trend. They’re a great breezy alternative to a normal short-sleeved top and a bit more interesting than the normal bra top.

They can easily be paired with jeans for a casual look or a floor-length skirt for a more beachy style. They look great on anyone and are easy to throw on quickly for a fun summer day with your friends. 

Flowing Pants


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With some credit towards Gen Z, long flowing pants are going to be in this summer.

No one wants to wear skin-hugging skinny jeans when it’s 80 degrees out that they’ll then have to peel themselves out of at the end of the day — sorry, Millennials. Long, loose and lightweight trousers are perfect for the summer because they can easily be paired with other summer trends, like bra or halter tops, to create an interesting and cool outfit for the day.

Wear them in a feminine ‘fit or something a bit more genderfluid like a slouchy button-up or big graphic tee. There are so many different options with this style, and they easily transition from streetwear to beachwear. Plus, you’ll be able to wear them in the cooler months, too. 

Disco Sparkles


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Force the sun to shine off your body with this glittery and glamorous trend. Walk around like a disco ball that you can wear casually with a pair of sneakers or on a night out with a pair of heels. Choose a relaxed look with a slouchy dress covered in glitter and a cowl neck of all different colors.

The dresses featured on the runway are reminiscent of Ariel’s dress when walking out of the ocean to meet Prince Eric in her shining blue number. You’ll no doubt look like the ocean personified if you choose to follow this trend. It’s been so long since strangers’ eyes have been fixated on us, so call out to them immediately by momentarily blinding them.

Wear it a bit more casually as a sparkly top with some neutral bottoms, or choose to go all out and wear a floor length dress or top with even louder pants. The options are truly endless. 

Strappy Sandals


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Like the strappy clothing, strappy sandals made some strides on the runway for this season.

Heeled flip flops and flats decorated with nautical knots will be popping up in the warm months when your feet most desperately need to breathe. Pair this trend with a lightweight pair of jeans and a white button-up to look extremely chic and cool, or wear them with a puffy white dress for a feminine summer mood.

There are new variants of this trend by designers, like two toe straps instead of one and diagonal lines criss crossing all over your ankles to add some excitement. Wear them bare or pair them with a sheer pair of socks for some more color. 

Mermaid Netting

Dress like a fashionable pirate or mermaid with fishnets as skirts, tops, shawls and dresses this summer. This trend can be handmade if you’re skilled at crocheting, but it shouldn’t be hard to find in trendy stores to mix in with your normal closet. These are versatile pieces that can add an amount of excitement to your outfit that has never been done before.

It’s a very beachy trend that can transition to night just from a basic outfit change. Wear it as a fishy beach cover-up or as some fun streetwear — just make sure to put on sunscreen so you don’t get some interesting tan lines!

Writer: Meghan Shouse