Justice Or Just-Less? What We Are Really Seeing About Justin Bieber’s New Album

On March 19th, Justin Bieber released his highly anticipated 6th studio album titled Justice. 

What most people weren’t planning on hearing as the opening to the album was social rights activist Martin Luther King Junior on a track talking about injustice. 

Following the intro track are bursting pop songs about the power of love and not being able to live without someone (clearly his wife, as we all know [and see] how all over one another they are via every social media platform). 

Listed as the 7th track, the Canadian pop star includes a “MLK Interlude” (yes, that is literally the title) in which Martin Luther King talks about how lacking courage in the face of injustice is no way to live and keeps you dead while you are alive. 

Extremely insensitive, Bieber sets up the interlude with a track like ‘Unstable’, including lyrics such as “there were times I couldn’t even breathe”, and follows the interlude up with an upbeat dance song (this matters, even more, considering most of the album was slow), about his wife… yet again. 

With no correlation or consideration to or for the Black Lives Matter movement, the only points Bieber was trying to make on his latest album was how much he would lay his own life down for his life… which thanks Justin, we already knew. 

Considering Bieber has put songs like one called ‘Peaches’, in which he sings about getting his ‘peaches out in Georgia’, and his ‘weed from California’, the entire album became tone-deaf the second he thought it was a good idea to include anything MLK related onto the album. 

Justin- you didn’t need to cling onto a reason for validation to name your album Justice. 

After an onslaught of criticism from the internet, Martin Luther King Junior’s daughter, Bernice King, took the time to express herself on social media about Bieber’s latest album.

Following up with his album release, Justin went to social media to share how he was going to be bringing ‘Justice’ about after his new release.

After listening to the 6th studio album, consensus shows that most listeners seemed to be a little confused in figuring out the connection between the civil rights way shower and the other tracks on the album that was all about his wife.

Either way, the album has received both ends of the spectrum in terms of criticisms. 

Do you think including MLK onto an album with no relation to actual injustice is tone deaf or making it seem like the involvement of BLM is only about capitalization? Or do you think that it’s good he even included it and that it brings awareness? 

Did Justin bring ‘justice’? Or do we need to hear just… less? 

Writer: Rachael Mrocka