Jasmine Lewis, Founder Of Vie Beauty, Is Transforming Our Everyday Rituals Into Luxury Experiences

Jasmine Lewis, Founder Of Vie Beauty, Is Transforming Our Everyday Rituals Into Luxury Experiences


It’s no secret that rose water has been one of the most popular beauty products for centuries. We’ve heard hundreds of beauty experts share the benefits of this natural product and how consumers can have amazing skin by adding it to their everyday routine. Jasmine Lewis, the founder of Vie Beauty, decided to take this popular product and add her own touch of luxury. The Serve Magazine had the opportunity to chat with Jasmine about her passion for skincare and how she used it to build a luxurious legacy.

How did you get started in the beauty industry, and what made you choose to sell rosewater?

As early as age 9, I began experiencing what would eventually spark my desire to obtain my Bachelor’s in biological science. At the time, I was taking care of my paternal grandmother who was fighting breast cancer. She inspired me to make the transition from college to Atlanta to pursue my medical career. 

But when I graduated and started attending esthetics school, I began to see how strong the correlation between biological science and beauty really is. The skin is the largest organ of our body, so what we put on our skin is a direct reflection of the changes within our body. 

Launching Vie Beauty allowed me to merge my science background and passion for skincare all in one. From make-up artists, entrepreneurs, and scientists, there are so many black women that have changed the beauty industry. They’ve really catered to our skin and set the standard for the products we deserve. I decided I wanted to be one of those people, which is why I started my rosewater line, 30ROSES. Rosewater is something that I’ve used for a long time because it really goes well with everybody no matter if you have dry or oily skin. What I love most about it is that it’s one of those products that never disrupts your skincare routine, only enhances it. It’s perfect for hydration and it preps your skin for the next part of the routine. I use it to refresh my face throughout the day, especially through the winter. I just spray and go about my day.

Jasmine Lewis, Founder of Vie Beauty, Is Transforming Our Everyday Rituals Into Luxury Experiences

How did you choose the name Vie Beauty?

I chose the name because it represents everything I stand for. Vie means “to be alive” in French. I believe in choosing life in every aspect of the choices you make, to be alive and fulfilled in all things that bring you joy. The skin is the largest organ of our bodies and seemingly is what keeps us alive. We have to be mindful of the ingredients we’re putting onto our skin and learn how to properly take care of it because it’s vital to living. This is why skin health, proper skin education, and being mindful of the ingredients we put on our skin is so vital to living. The VI in VIE Beauty is the Roman numeral for 6, which represents the month that both of my grandmothers passed away. They are the backbone of the company and the core of my brand. When I chose the name I knew it would be something that would resonate with me. Also, our pink logo is inspired by breast cancer awareness, as one of my grandmothers passed away from breast cancer. 

What makes Vie Beauty unique and how does it differentiate from other rosewater brands?

When you think of rosewater, you often think of it being packaged in a plastic bottle. I chose to use glass so it would bring a luxurious touch to my product. I wanted to make sure my products were sustainable and accessible to everyone. We’re all about creating a luxury experience for our customers. Also, my brand itself is made to educate girls and women of all ages in skincare. The “Mommy and Me Set” was curated so a mother and daughter can bond together through skincare very similar to the experience of getting your hair done as a young girl. I want young girls to be able to have a conversation about skincare and understand what ingredients are beneficial to their skin. When you’re growing up you often don’t know how to take care of your skin, but this can help lower the self-esteem that a lot of women go through because you’ll have the proper education.

Jasmine Lewis, Founder of Vie Beauty, Is Transforming Our Everyday Rituals Into Luxury Experiences

As an entrepreneur what are some of the challenges you did not realize you would have to face?

’ve come across many challenges because I’m a small team, and when I say small it’s really just me. It’s hard to wear a lot of hats when you’re building a legacy and as I grow I’m learning that it’s okay to get help from other experts. Even though I do everything, I’m not an expert in everything I do. It’s okay to allow someone with more experience to help you. My website, for example, prior to launching I knew I wanted it to have a certain look in order to represent the message of my company so I had to allow an expert to take control of that area. Learning to be okay with allowing people to help me and operating in my zone of genius was definitely something I had to learn.

What advice can you give young black entrepreneurs like yourself who want to break into the beauty industry?

My advice is to just do it. Don’t let any type of fear get in your way. A lot of people self-sabotage themselves by trying to wait until that perfect moment, but there will never be a perfect moment. You have to just take the risk and bet on yourself and don’t cut corners. Put the pen and paper to work and make a plan of action. Spend time on the research and make sure this is something you actually want to do. Building a legacy is not easy so this is something you have to put all your time into. Consistency is key. Also, don’t think of the now, think of the later. Make sure you think of how you want to see your business fifteen years from now. Your business name, for example, make sure you put a lot of thought into that because this is your legacy. At first, when building Vie Beauty, I wanted to use my personal name, Jasmine. But then I realized I wanted to build a legacy brand with the name.