Everyone Is Talking About These Monochromatic Looks For Biden's Inauguration

Everyone Is Talking About These Monochromatic Looks For Biden’s Inauguration

After what seemed like decades-long, President Joe Biden finally took office today. While we’re all eager to witness a new dawn for America, we also couldn’t help but get excited to see all of the beautiful monochrome outfits.

Our beautiful Vice President Kamala Harris was wearing a vibrant purple outfit by two African American designers Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson. 

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Michelle Obama’s stunning plum outfit was also by the talented designer, Sergio Hudson. Can we just say Michelle Obama took the trophy home for the best serve of Inauguration Day.

Barack and Michelle Obama
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The incoming first-lady, Jill Biden, looked absolutely beautiful in her ocean blue attire. 

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Our former secretary of state Hilary Clinton was dressed in a bright purple pantsuit and a matching scarf to top off the monochrome look. 


We can’t forget about President Biden’s granddaughters who were also serving monochrome looks with perfectly matching masks.