Ditch The Skinny Jeans, New Styles Are So In!

Ditch The Skinny Jeans, New Styles Are So In!


If there’s one constant thing in fashion it’s that nothing lasts forever. Skinny jeans have been everyone’s go-to style for over a decade now, but it looks like trendsetters are finally taking a different direction with their denim. The oversized look is one that has progressively grown more and more popular and now we’ve adapted it to jeans. There’s no doubt that these styles are a lot more relaxed and a super-easy way to refresh anyone’s wardrobe. Seeing so many different cuts and fits being worn is definitely something many fashionistas have been waiting for. The majority of people have become accustomed to the many variations of skinny jeans but let’s be real— it’s getting a little repetitive. We’ve researched and compiled all the new styles that are trending now.

Cropped Boot-Cut Jeans

Cropped boot-cut jeans are a fun spin on the classic boot-cut. You can find these in a variety of styles including the raw hem look and cali button-front styles. These are usually best paired with tops that have a more relaxed fit. These jeans are especially great for those of us that have to constantly worry about bottoms being a little too long.

Flared Jeans


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Not only are flared bottoms so in right now—they’re also some of the most flattering fit you’ll be able to find. These bottoms enhance anyone’s curves giving you the figure you don’t get to appreciate in skinny jeans. Paired with a nice blouse, sweater or even your favorite graphic tee’s flared bottoms are sure to be your new favorite.

Patchwork Bottoms

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Patchwork is definitely one of those trends that will come and go, but don’t get it twisted it’s still a trend you should take a shot at. Patchwork bottoms are one of the trendiest styles on the market and the cool thing is that it’s a look that will make you stand out. Some more creative fashionistas have taken on the task to make their own pair of patchwork bottoms out of scraps they take from old jeans.  These bottoms look best paired with a top that is made of matching patchwork or a top of a solid color that compliments the tones on the bottoms. 

Baggy Jeans


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Baggy jeans are the type of jeans that you either love or absolutely hate. These jeans have a much more vintage street style look to them and are more popularly worn in the light acid denim washes. Our favorite aspect of these is that in order to get a good pair you don’t need to break the bank—you can just thrift them. Thrifting these are the smartest way to go because you can take them home and distress and alter them as much as you like. Since these are more widely used in street fashion they’re usually paired with a super cropped top and oversized outerwear or vintage graphic tees. Our favorite shoes to wear these with are sneakers and heels.

Writer: Stefhani Guardado