Dating Advice From Your Single Friend

Dating Advice From Your Single Friend

Dating Advice From Your Single Friend

Is it just my friends or does everyone in relationships always go to their single friends for advice? They are fully aware I’ve never been in a relationship, but they still come to me as if I’ll know the answer. If you are one of these people, here is some advice so you don’t have to bother your friend or remind them how single they are. 

Don’t tell us, tell them

Communication. Is. Key. Say it with me. Don’t just bottle things in and let them fester. You have to be open with your partner because that is what a relationship is, a partnership. If it helps to rant to a friend and blow off some steam, we’re all ears, but you also have to bring these things up with your partner. Again, you can’t just sink these things down unless you want them to come back 10 times stronger. It’s best to just nip it in the bud. 

Tell us the good and the bad

This is more geared towards the ranting. If you want the best advice from us, you have to tell us the good and the bad throughout the relationship. You’ve seen the fights and the makeup, but to us, all we hear is the fights, and believe me, we will not let it go. Unless you want us to hate the person you’re in a relationship with, it’s best to tell us when the fights start and end. 

You’re not a player, don’t play games

This may seem like a no-brainer, but we all need a reminder once in a while. When it comes to relationships, you have to be straightforward with how you feel. Don’t try to play games and make things needlessly complicated, there’s no need. If you want a healthy relationship, just be open with them. If you want something real, you have to be real.    

Set boundaries and stick to them

This is good for when you are starting a new relationship. It is best to set boundaries, especially if you haven’t had the best track record. Relationships are about compromise, but only to a point. At the end of the day, you are sharing your life with someone and that means that certain things should not go ignored. Even if you find yourself wanting to make expectations, your future self will thank you for sticking to them. 

We’re here for you, no matter what

While we can joke and poke fun at your relationship, just know what we are here for you. True friends stay by your side, from the highs and lows. We’re there when you laugh and there when you cry. We the relationship you can’t get rid of so easily. No matter what, we’ll be there with a helping hand and maybe a bottle of wine if you really need it. Even if your relationship doesn’t last, just know that you are never alone, not if we have anything to do with it. 

Writer: Joyce Montenegro