5 Way On How To Increase Your Creativity

5 Ways On How To Increase Your Creativity

If your occupation requires you to think or act creatively, you’ve most likely had times where you’ve lacked creativity and motivation. As a writer and student, I definitely struggle at times with being creative. I ask myself many questions. How can I be more creative? How do I get out of this creative block? For me, I’ve learned that increasing creativity or getting over writer’s block takes time. This requires you to try and fail until the creativity just hits you. I still struggle with this as does everyone. In order to get through this process easier and quicker, here are five ways to stimulate creativity. 

Brainstorm anything

Do a big brainstorming session, where you write down anything that comes to your mind, even if it’s the most random thing. Just letting your mind wander can get your creative juices flowing. 

Take notes from others 

If you’re stuck in a creative block, try looking at your peers or others for inspiration. Everyone has a unique perspective that’s worth looking at. By looking to others, you can become inspired and motivated. For example, if you’re an abstract artist, look at other artists’ work and see how you can expand on your own style. Make sure you don’t accidentally plagiarize or copy someone, but it’s still okay to get inspired.

Work with others 

If you’re able to, work with others. A lot of times you can feed off the creativity of your partners. Also, you don’t have to do all the work yourself, which can be draining at times. Working with others can be fun to the point that it doesn’t even feel like work.

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Look at the recent trends 

What is currently in style? What are people writing about? What are people focusing on? By looking at what’s in style, you can either decide to follow this trend or go your own way. It may seem easy to follow the trend, but it’s actually difficult if you want to stand out. If you choose your own path, this may seem difficult in terms of thinking of something new. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about reusing the same idea. 

Look at past trends 

Addressing past trends may seem uninteresting, but if you build upon an old topic, it can be worthwhile. For example, if you’re interested in analyzing a film, choose to review a film in a unique way. You can review a film through a YouTube video, a poster, a blog, a social media post, etc. The options are endless. Maybe you’ll even revive a dead topic. 

Getting yourself to think creatively all the time is difficult, but that’s okay. No one is creative all the time. It’s natural. Sometimes all you need is a peaceful walk or time alone to get back in the hang of things. However, when there are times that require you to be creative and you just can’t, remember there are many ways to get yourself in the zone! 

Writer: Melinn Lanier