4 Latina Brands You Need To Support

We love supporting Latina small businesses — not only are we supporting women of color AND avoiding buying from huge companies in one go, but their products are almost always super fun and original. Buying from these Latina-owned businesses is a great first step in shopping ethically, and you also get to avoid fast fashion by doing so! Sometimes, however, it’s hard to weed through your options, especially if you’re a broke college student like me. We’re here to help you out: here are 4 Latina-owned businesses to visit on your next online shopping binge. 

Astra-Luna Arts

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for new pins and stickers for my bags or jackets. Astra-Luna Arts, an Etsy shop formerly known as Paper Yarn Moon, is an incredible source for any of your decorative needs! Visit their shop for their super unique astrological sign merchandise or fun colorful stickers.

Bomba Curls

Bomba Curls- Growth Formulated Organic Dominican Hair Care – BOMBA CURLS

Curly girls, this is your shop. This brand offers everything from their bestselling “Forbidden Oil” (a combination of various oils that’s basically magic for your hair) to high-quality satin pillowcases. They even carry hair vitamins! Check out this shop for all of your curly-headed needs.

Loquita Bath 

I’m always looking for new ways to relax, and a bath bomb is one of my favorites. Loquita Bath sells bath bombs and other relaxation products that are super expressive and colorful– pretty enough to display until you use them (and believe me, you’ll want to use them FAST!). The Mariposa one is one of my favorites. 

Lights Lacquer

Lights Lacquer When in Romance Fall 2020 Collection - YouTube

I mean, the gorgeous website alone makes me want to buy their products. Lights Lacquer is a nail polish company offering every shade you can think of, from springy pastels to sexy glittery colors. Try their bundles for a bunch of colors for cheap! 

There are endless options for ways to support Latina businesses– this list only scratched the surface! Be sure to keep researching and finding ways to support the Latinx community.

Writer: Libby Maack